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Latex Care Explained

Latex Care Explained

  • When you get your latex from us be careful how you open the parcel to avoid damaging your new latex goodies!

  • Wash your latex with lukewarm water and if needed use fragrance free washing up liquid to help remove powder. Rinse out the latex garment properly. Let the latex air dry ready for use.

  • You can use talcum powder or water based lube to make it easier to put on your new latex garment.

  • Take care when putting on your latex to avoid any tears. Be mindful of sharp finger nails and remove anything that could damage it like watches and jewellery.

  • Don't forget to polish your latex garment to show off the shine. Please make sure the shiner you use is latex friendly.

  • After wearing you latex garment, wash in lukewarm water. This helps to keep your latex looking good, making it ready for next time.

  • Keep your latex out of sun light in a cool dry area.

  • Do not put you latex in a washing machine.

  • Please be aware that Latex Capital garments are not suitable for people with allergies and Latex Capital take no responsibility for this. If you find you have a reaction to latex please remove it immediately and seek medical advice.

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