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How to put on Latex

How to put on Latex

Did you know that there are two main ways to put on latex? Below explains what they are and how they differ.

The two ways in which people put on latex are typically referred to as "The Dry Method" and "The Wet Method"

Tip: If you can get someone else to help you get into latex that makes the whole process a lot easier!
The Wet Method
The Wet Method is named as such as it involves water based lube. It is important to use water based if this is how you plan on putting on your latex as oil based will damage your latex.
It's up to you whether you apply the lube to the inside of your latex, to your skin or to both. This will largely depend on what latex piece you are putting on as a catsuit is far more difficult than a pair of gloves.
The main benefit to using this method is that it is highly effective however it can get very messy if you use too much.
Tip: Have towels to hand or running watering to remove excess lube.
The Dry Method
This method is called the Dry Method because there is no lubricant involved. Instead you use talcum powder on the inside of your latex and this helps you put on your chosen latex piece.

The benefits of this is that although it can be slightly messy it is very easy to clean up by running a hoover over the floor and unlike lube the powder does not get everywhere.

Tip: Put a towel on the floor area where you are putting on the latex.

Be careful that there is no talcum powder left on the outside of the latex before shining. As the talcum powder mixed with the shiner will make a paste like substance. Just make sure the area is cleaned properly and you will be good to go!

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